There's so much freedom in being who you really are and living your authentic life!

jessie shedden

Find Your Real Self & Experience Freedom

I inspire individuals to gain greater meaning in their lives by discovering who they really are and learning how they can freely live a confident life on their own terms.

I am a western loving cowgirl, a chicken mom (yes there is such a thing)! a photographer and also an internationally published model - after 23 years of being bullied for my appearance.

As featured in: Dreamy Magazine, PNW Modelling, Bath & Somerset Live, BBC Radio, UK Calendar Girls, Ms Curvaceous

"You are inspiring Jessie Shedden, you speak so much sense! Thank you from one gal to another." Claire Horner

"You are an incredible woman, anyone lucky enough to have you in their life is very lucky and should never let you go! No words big enough to describe how wonderful and special you are xx" Katie Collier

"When I was panicking you messaged me with words of encouragement which really helped and you were a real inspiration. Since then I've attended your 1950's car event and have had the privilege of working with you again."

Victoria Smith

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